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Welcome to CKUT’s Time Capsule!

Welcome to CKUT’s Time Capsule!

New content is dated to when it happened, not when it’s posted – so have fun digging through the archive.

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30th Anniversary


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RIP Joni


West Indian Rhythms interviews D-Nice

Oral History – All Da Way Live Radio interview Budda Blaze

All Da Way Live Radio deep dive into Montreal Hip Hop History with Don Smooth

The Morning Detour talk about George Floyd June 2020

Sounds and Reflections on Dub Poetry Festival Toronto May 1993

Prison Radio reports live from the Caravan April 2020

Oral History in conversation with Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real

LIVE from ISART – Montreal Massive IV Nov 27 1998


RIP Joni

The CKUT fam lost one of its finest. It is with heavy hearts that we share the tragic news of the death of our dear friend and collaborator Joni Sadler, who died of a brain aneurysm May 30th 2021

Joni was Music Coordinator at CKUT from 2012 – 2017. Joni patiently trained and encouraged so many people spreading her love for Community and Radio. She was open to creative ideas. She figured out how to get numerous live bands set up in the studio and she helped ensure that CKUT was connected to this city, both via our creative endeavours and our issues and concerns. She trained. She renewed our broadcasting license. She outreached. She built systems that worked and most importantly worked for our volunteers, the heart and soul of this station. She consumed heroic amounts of coffee. As Rosie, former CKUT librarian and member of the Montreal band Body Wash relates: “She always found the most generous way of saying something was…not going to be added to the library. Unfailingly kind in any situation.”

Joni was a killer drummer. She played in many projects though none as dazzling as the mighty LungButter.

She worked for and volunteered with Suoni Per Il Popolo, Pop Montreal, Lux Magna, was a founder of Noïsundaéè and was a part of the legendary crew that booked, gathered in and made-famous, Brasserie Beaubien; perhaps the last great real bar venue in Montreal.

Joni was currently working with Constellation Records (click link for their eloquent obit) and resided some of the time in Ottawa with her partner Richard. She was learning to sail, weld, code, and run marathons.

To paraphrase Lou Reed, “Joni’s week beat your year.”

Joni was one of the sweetest people on the planet. CKUT extends our love and condolences to her family, partner, friends and the extended radio and music community.

More links with wonderful tributes

Ottawa Citizen

Mantana Roberts


Joni Sadler


CKUT closed the station Monday March 16th 2020 for the health and safety of all our programmers. Thanks to innovations in technology, grants ,wires & gear we set up all our shows to keep on broadcasting from their respective locations.

In March 2021 we modified our annual funding drive to operate remotely and ask all programmers to submit a pic of their set up to post on social media.

Here is the roll call;

Easy Sonic Listening (ESL) – Cathy Innoye, Caroline Kunzle and cheering squad

FreeKick Radio – Clara Swan Kennedy

Quebec Acadie en Musique – Dolor Cormier
Weekend Groove – Mikey Don
The Sleepy King – Benoit Chaput
Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts – Butcher T
AMA ( A Multilingual Affair) – Takeyce
Folk Directions – Gerry Goodfriend
Friday Off The Hour – Alice Wu
International Radio Report – Gilles Letourneau & Sheldon Harvey( (pictured on screen)
The Empower Hour, Thierry Lindor , Pharoah, Miss Trish , Queen Kiyha
Soca Sessions – Production Sounds
Amandla – Gwen Schulman – Doug Miller – Heldden Byumvuhore
Montreal Sessions – Ms Benn
En Profondeur – Christian
The Mash Time Show – DJ Smokey
Stereophobic – Fluffy and audience
Bhum Bhum Tyme Crew – Pat Dillon, DJ Storm – Angel

The Goods – Andy Williams

Roger Moore – Positive Vibes
Montreal Sound Ark – Singing P
The Avalanche – Zo
Hotel du Blues Vishwaa Ramakrishnan
Listen, You Smell Something? DJ Logic & The Derfman & Froot Loops
Unfit To Print – Amy & Maya
No One Is ILLEGAL radio – Jaggi Singh & trainees
DragonRoot Radio – Hannah Bresseau

WEST INDIAN RHYTMS. – BEFORE. /. AFTER – Howard “Stretch” Carr

Cha Cha Cha In Blue – John Detchevery
OFF THE HOUR – Sarah Jesmer
Ecolibrium – Ryan Young
You Need A Heart To Live DJ Spencer & DJ Frog
Tiempo Latino – Latin Time – Sergio Martinez
Adventures In Music – Margo Lane
Listening to Latin America – Blanca Victoria Solorzano
The Beat Power Hour – Saad Haissain
William Shatner’s Whiskey Tears – Zack Kifel
27th hour of Chaos – Doug & Graham
Pirate et Libre –Ramon Vitesse

West Indian Rhythms interviews D-Nice

Montreal March 6th 2021 (COVID-19 when all of CKUT programmers broadcasted from home),  Howard “Stretch” Carr host of West Indian Rhythms interviews DJ, Producer, Photographer  DJ D-Nice, (KRS-One, Naughty by Nature, Too short . . . ) about his career and blowing up on Instagram with Club Quarantine . Joining in (via zoom) in the conversation are Montreal DJS Dru (Renegade Sound – Oh Boy!) and DJ Don Smooth (ex K-103, Oh Boy).

Oral History – All Da Way Live Radio interview Budda Blaze


Pro-V host of All Da Way Live Radio and DJ on Off The Hook Radio, interviews Budda Blaze, tour manager for A Tribe Called Red, music producer and host/dj of Off The Hook Radio; bee keeper and podcaster (Oil and Flowers).  Over 20 years of radio experience beginning when he was a teen in Kahnawake. Tons of hip hop history and musical evolution from being a metal kid to hip hop head. Great stories about hosting Off The Hook when it aired late night – 2am – 4am – and the rappers roll in 30-40 deep after the bars close. Take a listen.


All Da Way Live Radio deep dive into Montreal Hip Hop History with Don Smooth



All Da Way Live Radio hosts Widget and Pro-V take advantage of this COVID lock down to interview Montreal OG Don Smooth (former host, producer of Street Sounds on K103 Radio). A two hour discussion on the history of hip hop from early 80s to now. Broadcast June 10th 2020 on CKUT 90.3fm.




The Morning Detour talk about George Floyd June 2020


The Morning Detour on CKUT 90.3fm  have been adding a strong dose of caffeine to Friday Mornings on CKUT.  A blend of hip hop, current affairs, and local business news. This show takes  a critical and open conversation about Montreal response to police killing of George Floyd from elected officials to everyday people.

Hosts Wizzy Moonchaser, So Kay, Tamara Angeline , RG Music, Lord Pharaoh,



Prison Radio reports live from the Caravan April 2020


On Sunday April 21st Montrealers took to the streets,  in their vehicles, (respecting social distancing requirements) with their car radios tuned to CKUT,  to show solidarity to all those incarcerated and to denounce the conditions inside these institutions especially during this COVID-19 pandemic.  This special one hour broadcast hosted by CKUT’s Prison Radio includes reports both from the Caravan and from those within the walls of these institutions.

Social distancing is impossible inside prisons and detention centres and those inside remain at high risk of contracting COVID-19. There are now over 260 confirmed cases of COVID-19 linked to Canadian carceral institutions around the country, where people are held on both criminal and migrant holds. There have also been cases confirmed in both the Laval and Toronto migrant detention centres. On April 16th, the Correctional Service of Canada confirmed that an inmate at BC’s Mission Institution prison had died due to COVID-19, with over 50 other inmates testing positive for the virus.

From March 24th to April 1st, detainees at the Laval migrant prison held an eight-day hunger strike to demand their immediate liberation and decent, safe housing upon release. While many hunger-strikers have since been released, 11 people remain in detention.

Despite the mounting calls from dozens of organizations for Canada to release migrant detainees and prisoners, the Canadian government still refuses to free all prisoners. The CBSA for its part has been slowly releasing migrant detainees on a case-by-case basis through individual detention review hearings.

Oral History in conversation with Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real

Suhrid Manchanda was a force in Montreal’s music community before decamping to the United States and eventually to (his motherland) New Dehli, India. He was studying at McGil but ultimately spent most of his time playing guitar around the city. The mighty Detroit Metal, the unforgettable Bloody Gashes, with Chloe Lum, Yannick Desranleau and  Joel Taylor were both Suhrid’s babies.


He formed Aum Supreme with Dane Mills, the original drummer in the Arcade Fire. Suhrid booked shows, ran festivals and was generally a personality on the Boulevard. He was eventually hired as Fundraising Coordinator at CKUT in 2004. Suhrid was tireless in his devotion to the radio station’s community, the city’s musicians and DIY music in general. No one was surprised when Suhrid turned up as Su Real, dj/producer and star of India’s Desi Bass scene. Music Coordinator Alex Moskos sat down to talk about it all with his old buddy and colleague Suhrid. 


How to make Prison Hooch

CKUT’s “Prison Radio” was included in the will of someone previously incarcerated.  As a result we were able to hire Gene as the coordinator of the Prison Radio show for a year. He educated us on a number of realities facing those behind babylon walls.  Check out Soundcloud for archives of this programming.

He also told us how to make alcohol out of ketchup inside prison.  Here is how you do it.


Ingredients for a three-gallon ketchup brew:

      1. 3 lbs of sugar

      2. 1 gallon of ketchup

      3. 1 ripe orange or approx. 4 ounces of bread dough for our homemade yeast starter

      4. 3 gallons of warm water

      5. bicarbonate soda powder

Materials to make the brew:

      1. 1 (preferably 2) large plastic garbage bags

      2. any clean rubber tube, preferably at least 12 to 18 inches, ¼ to ½ inch internal diameter

      3. any plastic/glass jar and lid (a clean 500 gr to 1 lb peanut jar is ideal size)

      4. tape (hockey, medical, packaging) or even a shoelace will work

      5. pillow case(s) (3 or 4 would be ideal)

      6.  cardboard box or footlocker or even a pillowcase will do here

Continue reading

DJ Genius & The Prophet aired on CKUT early 90s.  Two McGill students who dj’ed frat parties and then created a radio show and ruled the clubs with their blend of hip hop house and reggae.  The Prophet aka Dave  Welchsler, went on to be the Assistant Direct on Marvel Studios Neflix series as well other feature films.  DJ Genius aka Jeremy Harding returned to Jamaica where he produced Beenie Man’s Who Am I? (Sim Simma) Assassin, Something’s Gotta Give,  Mr. Vegas – Nike Air (Hands in the Air) and worked extensively with Sean Paul – just to drop a few names.  Take a listen to Pat Dillon Moore catch up with Jeremy who is currently a lecturer (reggae in the digital age) at the University of West Indies in Kingston, Jamaica.




Protest and Pedagogy Funky Revolutions 2019



In 1969 a group of students occupied the 9th floor computer center of Sir George Williams University (currently known as Concordia University) to object to racial bias in academic grading.  50 Years later we revisit this page in Montreal history through an event called Protest & Pedagogy.  Khalid M’Seffar of Funky Revolutions interviews Kaie Kellough, spoken word artist,  (& Soul Perspective Allum) one of the event organizers to discuss the events that shaped this incident. This piece explores racial tensions, student activism, Montreal Black history through the music of the era, through documentation of the event, personal connection and historic legacy .


Oral History in Conversation with Andy Williams

30year Andy Williams


Sunday Aug 19th The Goods Radio show went live from Casa Del Popolo for a  live interview with Andy Williams conducted by Doug Miller (co-host of Amandla, CKUT’s African News Programme since 1987). They go through Andy’s musical origins in  Derby, England, Jamaica, Toronto, Lennoxville  and now Montreal. He speaks of the music he listened to growing up and his insatiable hunt for sounds that are sweet to his ears.




Oral History with Martha Marie Kleinhams

Marth Marie Kleinham

(above picture Donnie Rossiter and Martha Marie Kleinham)

As part of CKUT’s 30th Anniversary Oral History project, we interviewed Martha Marie Kleinhans who was one of the key driving forces behind CKUT’s fm licence application and move to FM. She says that Concordia University was expected to get the licence because of their active ties to the local scene however, CKUT’s (McGill) application put a strong focus on community programming and she believes this is what worked in the end. She also said there was some internal resistance as programmers knew that they would be evolving to a different kind of radio station. She volunteered prior to the license and ran for station manager on the basis of delivering the fm licence. She was the first station manager at CKUT 1986-87.  She said she worked closely with Don Rossiter and had the help of McGill Legal Professor Dr. F.H. Buckley who said “they rejected my idea that they go All-Monkees, All the time.”

She and Donnie went around to various cultural communities with a large hypothetical grid and said “should we get the licence would you be interested in producing radio”.

“We got the licence based on a promise.” The rest is history.


Oral History with Andrea Jane Cornell

AJ Time Capsule B & W  with border .jpg

Andrea Jane began listening to the CKUT radio show AACK as a teen.  When in University Alex Moskos walked into her class and did a presentation.  He mentioned volunteering opportunities at CKUT and before long she was filling in for Where’s the Beat , then became the Music Resource Coordinator and then Music Department Coordinator (2006 – 2011). She talks about the passion she had for the music library and some of the unexpected challenges she faced as Department Coordinator (like the time someone broadcasted a police scanner over the air!). She describes the listening experience as an eclectic mix and “just as you don’t know what your are going to hear when you tune in to CKUT, you do not know what your are going to encounter when you walk into the station”.


Oral History with Ian Pringle

30year Ian

Ian Pringle was a Bookkeeper, then Spoken Word Coordinator from 1987-1991.

He discovered CKUT when he was a McGill student, assigned to do a piece on CKUT getting our FM license for the student newspaper The Tribune. Taken with the diversity and excitement of the station he became a volunteer and ultimately staff member.   In this interview he talks about the passion and commitment to diversity and the democratization of media. He also talks about the profound impact people like Martha Marie Kleinhans, Lisa Vinebaum, Christof Migone and especially hosts of the Homo Show, David Shannon and Donnie Rossiter had on him. He also recollects the infamous and historic turning points in the Queer Community, the death of Joe Rose and the Sex Garage raid, police brutality and community uproar.  

He went on to work internationally in communications and radio, and now resides in Ottawa.


Here are some links to the HIV/AIDS PSAs Ian mentions (warning: explicit content)

Oral History with Sue Elrington


Sue arrived at CKUT in ’86 and was station manager from 1987-1989.

In this clip we talk details on the switch from cable to the FM signal, the controversy of the licence being granted to an Anglo station, digging our way out of financial debt and coordinating a stream of volunteers parading up  and down to the Mountain where our transmitter is housed for frequent – frequency tests. AND- discovering at midnight the night before we went to air for the first time, that we had to be incorporated (first call to the CRTC, second to a lawyer).

Also the writing of policy such as the Statement of Principles (which still is the backbone of CKUT today) ,  understanding what Balance of Programming means and convincing CRTC of it. the origins of “Gay Day” (the brutal murder of Joe Rose and subsequent community outcry) , amazing CKUT staff and volunteers, and a wild Molson fuelled first anniversary including an earthquake at midnight that, of course, did not stop the party.

She mentions Christof Migone, Pat Hamou, Ian Pringle, France Chevalier Stewart, Joel Savage  and has special fond memories of David Shannon and Don Rossiter.

After taking Montreal by storm, Sue moved back to her home coast, Victoria, BC, and now works in podcasting.

Oral History With Stuart Greer

Stuart volunteered and worked at CKUT from 1991-95.  He worked in the Spoken Word and News Department.  He describes arriving at a time that spawned a lot of activism as it just followed the Oka Crisis and infamous Sex Garage also just following the Gulf War.

He describes what news gathering looked like during this period, receiving communiques in the mail, making cold calls  and organizing broadcasts on a bulletin board.  A time when people smoked a lot, right in the station, and embraced the misfits.

Stuart went on to cover news with Global News, CBS, SKY and is currently residing in Prague working for Radio Free Europe/Radio Liberty.

30year Stuart Greer


Oral History with Bryan Zuraw

Bryan Zuraw was at Radio McGill/CKUT from 1983-1997 as a volunteer, music librarian and music coordiantor.

He discusses what was going on musically at the time, musique actuelle, (the beginnings of Ambience Magnetique), college indie rock (pre-Nirvana), hip hop, dancehall reggae (when these genres really started to bloom)… the interest of community members to do radio (given that there isn’t an Urban radio station in Montreal)… establishing an identity and mandate for the station, maintaining a diversity of perspectives and benefiting from this process both personally and intellectually. And of course, conducting all station business (i.e. Steering, Programming, Committee meetings) in the hallway as there was no room to do so at CKUT. All of this was pre-internet. It involved writing to labels, researching magazines such as the Village Voice, OP (Option) Sound Choice, The Wire, newsletters and tape trading networks.  He also speaks on picking up the habit of waking up at 3am to make sure that someone is On Air, because if not, he would make his way to the station in the middle of the night.

Bryan now lives in Los Angeles with his wife (ex CKUT programmer Kie Ross Zuraw) and is still finding strange music to vibe to.