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We’ve got a sweet tooth for The Sugarcubes!

Interview with The Sugarcubes

Produced by: Lorrie Edmonds

Members Einar Benediktsson and Magga Örnólfsdóttir talk with Lorrie about their uncertainty as The Sugarcubes, their publishing company Bad Taste, the music scene in Iceland. Their life on tour is one that amuses them – everything from the hotel rooms to the limousines! They also explain how money has become the drive for the band. Listen to find out more what they truly mean.


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Undefining the Dog Faced Hermans

Dog Faced Hermans03

Interview with the Dog Faced Hermans

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

Members of the Scottish band visit the station to explain how their origins in classical music led them into the indescribable noise known as the Dog Faced Hermans. Singer Marion Coutts explains how being in an almost unconscious state helps her be able to deliver such energetic performances. Quite the opposite, percussionist Wilf Plum explains why he feels pressure while performing live. The interview also includes a rare live performance!

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MTL Skater Dykes!

Skater Dykes – MTL Skateboarding Group

Produced by: Ronit & Melanie

Turn up your volume ’cause this audio’s O-L-D! In this clip two women, part of an all-dyke Montreal skating crew, talk about what it means to be a female skater. What do you do when you love the hardcore scene and skateboarding, but are totally sick of standing on the sidelines and watching the boys skate? What do you do when a man walks by you skateboarding and tells you a real woman should be wearing red lipstick and standing by her boyfriend’s side? Start a skateboarding crew of your own!  As a result of Skater Dykes, these skateboarding ladies feel empowered even when faced with discrimination from passersby and male skaters. WARNING: featuring some delicious sonic gems from X-Ray Spex + spreading love for thrash, punk & hardcore. 

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Sex Work & Breaking Down Stigma with Valeria Scott

Prostitution Law Appeal

Interview with Valerie Scott

Produced by: CKUT

Former sex worker, Valeria Scott, discusses the obsession the public has with sex while still being reluctant to speak about the need to educate on safe sex practices. She rebukes the stigma that prostitutes spread STD’s.  Scott explains why apprehending all sex-workers or making prostitution legal while requiring weekly health checks would not stop the spread of STD’s.

Jimmy Cliff interview July 2012

Howard “Stretch” Carr and Faithlyn Sankar interview the one and only Jimmy Cliff.  This interview took place July 28th 2012 for CKUT radio show West Indian Rhythms. They cover the inspiration behind The Harder They Come and Many Rivers to Cross, riots in Brixton, and his commitment to uplifting his audience.

The “6th Floor Party” February 2012



On Tuesday February 8th 2012 a group of approximately 25 McGill students occupied the 6th floor of the McGill Administration Building.  This was done as a result of the decision by McGill Administration to not recognize the results of a referenda questions posed by CKUT 90.3fm and QPIRG McGill.  The occupation lasted six days.  A group of approximately 60 students also occupied the ground floor and the space outside the building.

Some background: independent student groups are required to sign a Memorandum of Agreement (MOA) with McGill University.  This contract covers such things as use of name, insurance requirements, conditions of fee transfer, amongst other things.  In our history, these negotiations have been difficult for a multitude of reasons.  In 2012, McGill University required all student groups to withdraw the name McGill from their name and in addition, they moved the collection of fees and the ability to opt out of fees on to an online system entitled Minerva.  Certain groups within the Student Society of McGill University wanted to provide students with the ability to opt out of fees to increase accountability and to allow students who opposed the service provided by that particular group to withdraw their financial support.  However, some student groups were concerned that given the simplicity of opting out online it would lead to blanket opting out and would result in a significant financial hit impeding the services which they are mandated to provide.  These student groups provide services largely for minority or marginalized individuals and the funds that support them are not meant to be viewed as user fees.

The online opt outs forced student groups into perpetually campaigning for their fees and resulted in some ugly divisiveness on campus.   There were numerous initiatives and groups trying to raise awareness and create debate about what kind of campus McGill students wanted.

All of this tension on campus eventually culminated in the occupation of the Administration Building.  The occupation took place without the knowledge of CKUT and QPIRG McGill.  It also came at the time of  massive student demonstrations throughout Quebec against the raising of tuition by the province.

It is difficult to state definitively what the occupation accomplished.  CKUT is no longer called McGill Radio; instead, we are Radio CKUT.  We have to run an existence referendum, during which students are asked if they want to continue having a radio station on campus, every five years and students can still opt out of CKUT’s fees online.

However, there is no denying the resurgence in student activism and the struggle for equality and diversity on campus and in the station that the occupation inspired.  Education should be a right and student groups are an important part of that education.  We are all still learning.

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Buju Banton Interviewed On Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts March 1996

Buju Banton’s fourth album Til Shiloh was a massive hit. He played the now defunct Montreal Medley in March 1996 and came by CKUT for an interview with Butcher T.  This was not the first time he performed in Montreal nor came to the station .  CKUT refused to co-present the Buju Banton the first concert back in 93? because of the song (written by Buju when he was 15) Boom Bye Bye and its homophobic lyrics.  A decision which still, to date, causes a lot of discussion.   The next time he came to CKUT (prior to a concert at the Medley in 95(?)) one of our programmers, Dave Austin,  brought their class to the station so the studio was filled with enthusiastic pre-teens.  Buju came out of a car wearing roller blades and rolled into the studios – much to the shrieking delight of everyone.  This interview happening on Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts.  We left in a few ads at the end for extra flavor.