30th Anniversary


Oral History in conversation with Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real

Oral History in Conversation with Andy Williams

Oral History with Martha Marie Kleinhams

Oral History with Andrea Jane Cornell

Oral History with Ian Pringle

Oral History with Sue Elrington

Oral History with Bryan Zuraw

Oral History With Stuart Greer

History of the Community News Department

A history of CKUT’s T-Shirts

Oral History with Samaa Elibyari Dec. 2017

Interview with Christof Migone March 2018

Feminism On the Radio 30th Anniversary Special March 2018

Oral History lesson with Pat Dillon Moore March 2018

March Montreal Sessions opens up the Time Capsule. Episode 1 – March 6 2018

International Radio Report 30th Anniversary Radio Show Nov. 19th 2017

Margo Lane – Oral History October 2017

30th Anniversary – In Conversation with Rickey D October 2017

30th Birthday w/ The Mighty Diamonds

The Mighty Diamonds Sept 2017


2 thoughts on “30th Anniversary

  1. Jason Mogg


    I just listened to the interview with Martha Marie Kleinhans – after looking up the Old McGill Yearbooks and 1987 and CKUT. I was a McGill Law student at the time and was working with Prof. Frank Buckley and with Martha Marie and Donnie Rossiter on preparing and making the CRTC application that Martha Marie describes in the interview.

    It was a really cool thing to be involved in at the time – especially because it was successful – and as Martha Marie says – we were the underdogs.

    Great to see what CKUT has achieved.

    My best regards to Martha Marie and Donnie — and Frank Buckley.

    Jason Mogg


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