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Les Momies de Palerme Live at CKUT – May 2013

Local avant-garde duo Les Momies de Palerme (Xarah Dion and Marie Davidson) reunited for a special live performance on CKUT’s If You Got Ears in May 2013. On “Quebec,” the pair create a synth soundscape that is somehow both calming and unsettling. Listen for yourself below.

les momies

Dykes on Mykes OrcHERstra Performance at CKUT’s 25th Anniversary

The theme song to the radio show Dykes on Mykes on CKUT 90.3fm has always been a bit of a mystery.  Listeners would call in asking about its origins and pre – Goggle much of this information was based on hearsay and intuition.   Finally, in honour of CKUT ‘s 25th Anniversary on the FM dial, some staff at the station decided to get to the bottom of it…turns out the song is from a 1970s Italian opera – La Gatta Cenerentola by Roberto De Simone- loosely based on the Cinderella story (WOW – who’ da guessed it) .
But how DID this obscure opera end up on CKUT’s airwaves as the Dykes on Mykes theme no less? A little google-ing led them to the underground club scene in Montreal in the 80s (weird right?). DJ Perry “Wizzard” Lamarre had turned La Gatta into a  Montreal  dance hit  and released it (very limited edition) on an EP entilted Strange Pleasures – Sure enough we found it in our library.
Anyway,we got obsessed and one thing led to another culminating in this live performance by CKUT Dykes on Mykes hosts past and current.

ckut 25041

Story about CKUT in the 80s by Vince Tinguely

Vince Tinguely current host of the radio show Kitchen Kitchen Bang Bang Tuesdays noon – 2pm , previous co-host of Victorious and Invincible and previous to that In from the Cold.  AT CKUT’s 25th Anniversary event, Vince read a piece about what it was like to be a part of campus community radio when C/C radio was still in diapers.


CKUT 25th Anniversary – Logic Johnson!


As you may have heard, CKUT had a pretty great party to celebrate our 25 years on air. One of the highlights was a unique rap written & performed live by Logic Johnson, host of Listen You Smell Something. It was a one-time only performance but it’s too good to not share. Check it out!


The Origins of Venus Radio

venus-collaged with Erin

Venus Radio started in 1996 by Laura MacNeil, Delphine Foo and Erin MacLeod.  The show is run by a collective of hosts and “explores women’s impact on music and the impact of music on women in various jobs, stations  and positions in life” (show proposal Nov 1996).  The show went on to win many #1 Best Radio Show in the Montreal Mirror/Cult Montreal readers poll and is well known for its infamous Radiokee where Montreal musician came to the station to sing their hearts out and raise funds for CKUT.

Below is a bit of oral history – the story of the origins of Venus radio.

CKUT Veteran: Janice Dayle

The Wednesday Morning After show soaks in some morning sun rays with Janice Dayle – founder of Positive Vibes. Since 1983, Janice has been involved with the station being witness to its evolution into the infamous CKUT. She explains how the station became and continues to be the strongest supporter of all types of Black music in Montreal. Don’t forget to tune into Positive Vibes Thursdays 3pm to 5pm and Bhum Bhum Time Sundays at 4pm.

In a sense, [CKUT] was the same as it is now – a big happy family.

– Janice Dayle, 25 years with CKUT

CKUT Veteran: Sheldon Harvey

The Tuesday Morning Show chatted with Sheldon Harvey about his 25 years at the station and radio in general. The International Radio Report host explains the irony of his show and why listener input is so significant. Harvey also delves into the shocking and dirty business that is commercial radio. Remember to tune into The International Radio Report Sundays at 10:30am!

There’s one technology that’s remained constant. And that’s radio.

-Sheldon Harvey, 25 years with CKUT

CKUT Veteran: Rufo Valencia

The Monday edition of The Morning After Show talked with the 20 year vet Rufo Valencia of his experiences working with CKUT. He walks us through how he ended up at the great 90.3, his various positions, and what he hopes for the future of the station. Rufo also expresses the importance of new volunteers at the station on how they keep him and radio fresh and young.

CKUT so far, because its based on the efforts of volunteers, it’s a free discourse. And that’s pretty much at the essence of freedom in a way.

– Rufo Valencia, 20 years with CKUT

Dorothy Proctor – A Survivor of Prison Experiments

Interview with Dorothy Proctor

Produced by: CKUT-Dee LeCompte

While imprisoned in the 1960s, Dorothy Proctor was experimented on and forced to electric shock, sensory deprivation, and even LSD-25. Many years after being released, Proctor began her investigation on the experiments that were done to her and countless others in the 1960s and 70s. She later went on to sue the Canadian government for their support of such experiments and won her case in 2002. This clip reveals Proctor’s views on the case, Correctional Service of Canada, and the stigma female prisoners receive.

The interview was conducted by Dee LeCompte host of the radio show Prison Radio which began airing on CKUT 2006 (and is still on the air).

25th Anniversary Summary

25th Anniversary Party Radio/ Video ad

Dykes on Mykes OrcHERstra

Vince Tinguely Reflects on 25 years of CKUT

Logic Johnson’s Take on CKUT’s 25th Anniversary

Janice Dayle on 25 Years With CKUT

Sheldon Harvey’s 25 Years At CKUT

Rufo Valncia After 20 Years At CKUT

Adrian Harewood CKUT’s last station manager

25th Anniversary Speech – Carol Fraser chair of CKUT’s Board of Directors

CKUT Has A History Book!!


Slideshow from when CKUT was CKUT 1980s-now

MTL Skater Dykes! 1990s

Skater Dykes – MTL Skateboarding Group

Produced by: Ronit & Melanie

Turn up your volume ’cause this audio’s O-L-D! In this clip two women, part of an all-dyke Montreal skating crew, talk about what it means to be a female skater. What do you do when you love the hardcore scene and skateboarding, but are totally sick of standing on the sidelines and watching the boys skate? What do you do when a man walks by you skateboarding and tells you a real woman should be wearing red lipstick and standing by her boyfriend’s side? Start a skateboarding crew of your own!  As a result of Skater Dykes, these skateboarding ladies feel empowered even when faced with discrimination from passersby and male skaters. WARNING: featuring some delicious sonic gems from X-Ray Spex + spreading love for thrash, punk & hardcore. 

Download audio here


Sex Work & Breaking Down Stigma with Valerie Scott 2012

Prostitution Law Appeal

Interview with Valerie Scott

Produced by: CKUT

Former sex worker, Valerie Scott, discusses the obsession the public has with sex while still being reluctant to speak about the need to educate on safe sex practices. She rebukes the stigma that prostitutes spread STD’s.  Scott explains why apprehending all sex-workers or making prostitution legal while requiring weekly health checks would not stop the spread of STD’s.