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We’ve got a sweet tooth for The Sugarcubes! 1990s

Interview with The Sugarcubes

Produced by: Lorrie Edmonds

Members Einar Benediktsson and Magga Örnólfsdóttir talk with Lorrie about their uncertainty as The Sugarcubes, their publishing company Bad Taste, the music scene in Iceland. Their life on tour is one that amuses them – everything from the hotel rooms to the limousines! They also explain how money has become the drive for the band. Listen to find out more what they truly mean.


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Interview with The Narcycist of Euphrates

Interview with Euphrates

Date: February 19, 2005

Produced by: Stefan Christoff

CKUT host Stefan Cristoff talks with the Narcicyst – the front man of the Iraqi hip-hop Montreal band Eurphrates. The rapper elaborates on the LP, Stereotypes Incorporated. Just as the title suggests, the Narcicyst explains how the tracks attempts to break through the stereotypes the media portrays of the Iraqi people. He also reminisces on how he started his hip-hop career and the response he has received for being an Iraqi MC.

The Adventures of 7 Year Bitch – 1995

7 Year Bitch01

Interview with 7 Year Bitch

Date: April 1995

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

The all female Seattle band talk on their problem with being labeled a Riot Grrrl band, their experiences after the death of their guitarist, and some of the incidents while on tour in Europe and the American South. Listen to the origins of the band’s most lyrically intense songs “Dead Men Don’t Rape“. The band explains their on-going struggle to have people critique them for being an all female band rather than their lyrics or music.

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Ian Mackaye’s salad days – 1993

Ian Mackaye02

Interview with Ian Mackaye of Fugazi

Date: September 12, 1993

Produced by: Tien Lee

Ian Mackaye elaborates on Fugazi‘s reasoning on making “unconventional” decisions such as charging $5 to see them while still playing at recognized venues such as Metropolis. He goes over the history of the band’s line, music, and his original hopes for the band. The classic Mackay interview ends with a critique on the music reviewers and explains his emotional response to the “lazy” journalism music writers seem to indulge in.


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Undefining the Dog Faced Hermans May 2nd 1992

Dog Faced Hermans03

Interview with the Dog Faced Hermans

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

Members of the Scottish band visit the station to explain how their origins in classical music led them into the indescribable noise known as the Dog Faced Hermans. Singer Marion Coutts explains how being in an almost unconscious state helps her be able to deliver such energetic performances. Quite the opposite, percussionist Wilf Plum explains why he feels pressure while performing live. The interview also includes a rare live performance!

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Lunch Special: A Look at Lydia Lunch

Lydia Lunch01

Special on Lydia Lunch

Date: May 1992

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

An entire show dedicated to the multitalented artist Lydia Lunch. Best known for singing in Teenage Jesus and the Jerks, Lunch moved from music to spoken word and even writing, directing, and staring in a number of films.  Host Penny reads from an interview with Lunch from the anthology Angry Women. The interview displays Lunch’s opinions on women, politics, and even love. Also read is a critique on Lunch included in the fanzine Maximumrocknroll in April 19, 1989.




The pretty side of HOLE – 1991


Interview with Hole

Date: 1991

Produced by: Penny Patterson

Show: CUTS

Live from Le Foufounes Électriques, the members of Hole take turns on the mic to share the thoughts on foxcore, token bass players, and Hollywood. They also discuss their sudden success as a band after being together for merely a year and a half at the point of the interview. Bassist Jill Emery also explains the dynamics of the band through their astrological signs.


L7 – Talking Reproductive Rights & Mosh Pits, 1991!


Interview with L7

Date: 1991

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

After playing their Montreal show, L7 joins CKUT host Penny to smoke and talk in the men’s bathroom of Foufounes Électriques. Bassist Jennifer Finch and guitarist Suzi Gardner give a rundown of their organization Rock for Choice which they founded earlier that year. They also explain the reason for writing their song “Everglade,” which at the time had yet to be released. Obviously they also talk mosh pits, pit decorum, feminist zines and all that good stuff.



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The Business Side of Things : Lunachicks 1990


Interview with Lunachicks

Date: 1990

Produced by: Penny

Show: CUTS

Right before their show, Penny meets the women of Lunachicks. They discuss the technical side of being in a band by explaining the problems with the English record label Blast First and their naivety in believing companies’ empty promises. The women also talk about how they react to those people who insult them for being women playing music. Find out where the band would like their next shows to be!

Don’t Believe the Hype: Chuck D on Weekend Groove, 1989!

Chuck D02

Public Enemy Interview with Chuck D

Date: January 1989

Produced by: RONNIE LUV

Show: Weekend Groove

Chuck D shares his opinions on the American government (George Bush! Remember that guy?), politicians, and history and the effects on Black America. Chuck D elaborates on “Don’t Believe the Hype” (1988) and on Public Enemy’s support for Minister Farrakhan who is mentioned in many of the group’s lyrics. In true Public Enemy form, he finishes off by explaining White supremacy, Black Power and how the two affect the group’s lyrical structures. Interviewed by Ronnie Luv original host of Weekend Groove


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