History of the Community News Department

As part of CKUT’s 30th Anniversary festivities we hosted a panel on the evolution of CKUT’s News Department.  CKUT has covered issues from street level emphasizing the voices of those not heard in mainstream media, namely those affected by the policies, regulations and political decisions.  In this panel past Community News Coordinators, Gretchen King, Aaron Lakoff and Courtney Kirkby recount the numerous ways their department covered the prevalent news items of the times.  The panel took place at the Anarchist Bookfair in Montreal.  Community News Poster

Interview with Rev Jesse Jackson by Christopher Heron April 2018

Today marks the 50th Anniversary of the death of Martin Luther King.  In commemoration of this historic event, Christopher Heron, host of Mind Soul & Spirit conducted an interview with Reverend Jesse Jackson.

Rev Jackson speaks of his love for gospel music (he grew up with Aretha Franklin).  Christopher asks him to contrast today’s “State of America” with that of the past.

Rev Jackson speaks of the humiliation of racism, the current “tug of war for the soul of america”, the dangers of “spending more money on militarism than on human rights leading to morally and spiritually bankrupting the nation”.  The importance of globalism – labor, capital, technology and human rights and states in the end it  is “character and caring – caring is the key – not limited to race, gender or religious persuasion.

Take a listen.



Interview with Christof Migone March 2018

CKUT intern Eve Fiertag looks at experimenting with the radio on the radio for this time capsule installment.  She speaks to ex CKUT Music Coordinator and Production Coordinator Christof Migone who participated at CKUT from 1987 – 92.  He also hosted the radio show “Dangers In Paradise” which he described as anything other than college rock.  He collaborated with Julia Loktev on a show called Body Map where they took the island of Montreal and imagined it as a reclining body and got people to call in so they could let them know what part of the body they were situated in.  He also collaborated with Margo Lane (also interviewed in this series) called Margo’s Intense Listening Corner.  Christof Migone 30year template (1)Christof & Nadine.jpgAs production coordinator he trained and motivated volunteers to create with sound and open up the possibilities of radio.


30th Anniversary


Oral History in conversation with Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real

Oral History in Conversation with Andy Williams

Oral History with Martha Marie Kleinhams

Oral History with Andrea Jane Cornell

Oral History with Ian Pringle

Oral History with Sue Elrington

Oral History with Bryan Zuraw

Oral History With Stuart Greer

History of the Community News Department

A history of CKUT’s T-Shirts

Oral History with Samaa Elibyari Dec. 2017

Interview with Christof Migone March 2018

Feminism On the Radio 30th Anniversary Special March 2018

Oral History lesson with Pat Dillon Moore March 2018

March Montreal Sessions opens up the Time Capsule. Episode 1 – March 6 2018

International Radio Report 30th Anniversary Radio Show Nov. 19th 2017

Margo Lane – Oral History October 2017

30th Anniversary – In Conversation with Rickey D October 2017

30th Birthday w/ The Mighty Diamonds

The Mighty Diamonds Sept 2017


Feminism On the Radio 30th Anniversary Special March 2018

The Montreal Sessions dug into this CKUT Time Capsule for the Month of March 2018.  In this episode we look at 30 Years of feminist radio.  Your hosts, Alex Moskos and Louise Burns interview Penny Patterson who hosted the radio shows CUTS, Thread the Needle and Beach Blanket Bingo on CKUT and who speaks about her experience interviewing Riot Grrrl bands in the 90s (many of those interviews are in this time capsule).

We also broadcast the origin story of  Venus Radio and interview Anna Leventhal about her experience hosting Venus and being the chair of CKUT’s Board of Directors.  We also play a bit of an interview with tUnE-yArdS (the entire interview is available in this time capsule).

MTL sess - VenusRiotTunes


Oral History lesson with Pat Dillon Moore March 2018


Pat Oral History


As part of the 30th Anniversary Oral History special programming we interview Pat Dillon Moore aka The Dreadhead aka The Empress aka Sistah P, former host of Positive Vibes, former station manager of CKUT and current co-host of Bhum Bhum Time.

Pat tells us what it was like growing up in Montreal in the 70s.  We discuss race relations at CKUT, money, moving the station from McTavish Street to University street we recount the story of when our turntables got stolen and play lots of reggae music.


Tranzistor Radio March 8 2018


28939074_10160120300260055_1444128130_oEve Parker Finley Celebrates International Women’s Day in the Transiest way possible.  She profiles women such as  Sylvia Rivera and Marsha P. Johnson gay activist in the time of Stonewall and co-founders of STAR (Street Transvestite Action Revolution) and educates us on other women we should know including Miss Major Griffin-Gracy executive Director of the Transgender Gender Variant Intersex Justice Project.

Real radical radio and some music by Erica from the Bay Area – and Jess Manniquin-Head of Lonely Boa




March Montreal Sessions opens up the Time Capsule. Episode 1 – March 6 2018

Throughout the month of March, the Montreal Sessions is being devoted to cracking open the time capsule and exploring what 30 Years of free form, independent, underground radio sounds like.  This episode includes an interview with longtime CKUT volunteer Margo Lane, Roots Rock Reggae listeners calling in with their shout outs and greetings, an interview with Joan LaBarbara, Free Styling during Off The Hook Radio, an excerpt of the Sun Ra interview and much more.

mtl sess slow


Oral History with Samaa Elibyari Dec. 2017

Samaa for TC 2nd version

Samaa Elibyari is a member of the Canadian Council of Muslim Women and has been doing programming at CKUT since 1997. CKUT Culture Coordinator, Tamara Filyavich, speaks with Samaa (the week after Trump announced the move of the U.S. embassy from  Tel Aviv to Jerusalem) about covering issues affecting the Muslim community for over 20 years.  She began with the radio show, Crossroads with Ehab Loteyef in 1997 while she was working at the Islamic Center. Then started the radio show Caravan .  She recalls being on the air the day after 9-11 and how this event focused and galvanized her objectives for the show.  She was/is alarmed at how reductive the mainstream reporting of this event  was and felt it important to talk about the effects of the sanctions in Iraq, the bias in U.S. policy towards Palestinians and the other issues that motivate young men to such extreme behavior.  She used her voice as a programmer at CKUT to counterbalance the bias against muslims which she sees as a “downward spiral against Muslims” both in the U.S and in Quebec.

Samaa took a hiatus from programming and a new team have formed with a new show entitled Montreal Arab Show that currently airs Fridays 2pm – 3pm.  Samaa continues to provide mentorship to this group and is a frequent contributor.



Here are some of the live performances that happened at CKUT studios throughout the years.  Check out CKUT’s YouTube Channel for videos of some of these performances.  https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCK4IzNmyWdfSRwpHI490XAQ

Nusrat Fateh, Ali Khan & Elliot Sharp – November 1989

K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. – November 2009

Grimes – March 2010

Rebecca Foon – June 2010

Eola – September 2010

Bernardino Femminielli – June 2010

Lantern – June 2011

Nick Kuepfer – June 2011

Tonstartssbandht – September 2011

Isle of Pine – June 2012

Manchilde – June 2012

Maica Mia – June 2012

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – July 2012

Les Momies de Palerme – May 2013

Tamayugé Live on CKUT Jan 2018


International Radio Report 30th Anniversary Radio Show Nov. 19th 2017

Special hour long episode of the International Radio Report in honor of 30 year on the air. Hosts Sheldon Harvey and David Asselin, are joined by past contributors Janice Laws, Gilles Letourneau, CKUT culture Coordinator Tamara Filyavich,  Alan Roberts and Zack Rynar. Clips from the very first broadcast and discussions about their shared fascination with RADIO.

Margo Lane – Oral History October 2017

Margo-at-the-console-croppedMargo Lane has volunteered at CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal since 1987. She was our weather girl, eco-environmental receptionist, and host of the radio show Adventures in Music. Margo is infamous. Most of us who have been part of the CKUT community have a Margo story. This is her story in her words.



30th Anniversary – In Conversation with Rickey D October 2017

In celebration of CKUT’s 30th Anniversary on the fm dial, we will be exploring our past through a series of podcasts,  time capsule posts and live events such as this first one.  Sun Oct 15th 2017 we sat down with Rickey D, host of Sound of Soul since 1988 and hip hop promoter and influencer for 32 years! Rickey was interviewed at Art Gang by Malik Shaheed – music by DJ Pro-V. Thanks to Heritage Canada and arcmtl for their help in making this happen


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