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Oldies but goodies! Radio McGill Slideshow 1940-1987

Get your history lesson with this incredible slideshow! Most of these photos were before CKUT even had a license and courtesy of the McGill Daily.  CKUT got its FM licence in Nov. 16th 1987 but students were experimenting with radio since the 40s!



Dorothy Proctor – A Survivor of Prison Experiments

Interview with Dorothy Proctor

Produced by: CKUT-Dee LeCompte

While imprisoned in the 1960s, Dorothy Proctor was experimented on and forced to electric shock, sensory deprivation, and even LSD-25. Many years after being released, Proctor began her investigation on the experiments that were done to her and countless others in the 1960s and 70s. She later went on to sue the Canadian government for their support of such experiments and won her case in 2002. This clip reveals Proctor’s views on the case, Correctional Service of Canada, and the stigma female prisoners receive.

The interview was conducted by Dee LeCompte host of the radio show Prison Radio which began airing on CKUT 2006 (and is still on the air).

We’ve got a sweet tooth for The Sugarcubes! 1990s

Interview with The Sugarcubes

Produced by: Lorrie Edmonds

Members Einar Benediktsson and Magga Örnólfsdóttir talk with Lorrie about their uncertainty as The Sugarcubes, their publishing company Bad Taste, the music scene in Iceland. Their life on tour is one that amuses them – everything from the hotel rooms to the limousines! They also explain how money has become the drive for the band. Listen to find out more what they truly mean.


Download audio here

Bhum Bhum Time Clip of the Week – Racial Profiling April 2012

This  piece of radio  inspired the Clip of the Week.  It was/is that good.  Clip of the Week is CKUT’s way of highlighting some of the sounds, ideas, personalities that define us.  You can find more of them on our website.  This clip, from Bhum Bhum Time is a discussion about racial profiling in Montreal.  Sadly the “hoodie march” spoken of was cancelled because of concerns about the safety of participants.

In this clip Pat Dillon aka Sistah P is speaking to Reverend Gray.  They discuss the student strike, Trevor Martin, and being ticketed for being black in Montreal.


Viva la Velorution!

Special on Critical Mass

Date: June 15, 2010

Produced by: CKUT

Montreal bicycle riders talk not only about their bike experiences but why they decide to ride especially in events such as critical masses. But what is a critical mass? The host of the special goes into full detail on its creation and the political message behind its invention. Each rider featured in the special shares their own unique take on what biking represents to them and their environment. Our host also explores the ways our societies have become adapted to promote automobiles over any other type of transportation. Find out about car-bicycle relationships in other places like Vietnam and Bogotá too!

Will Nicholls remembers the Oka Crisis & his former CKUT days JULY 2005

Date: July 19, 2005

Produced by: CKUT

Show: Native Solidarity News

In this clip, we hear audio recording from a service in remembrance of the 1990 Oka Crisis. Will Nicholls, former CKUT host of the show Indian Times, spoke during the service. He recounts his experience as host and the dark humor he used in order to survive the repercussion of the Oka Crisis. He explains the reasons for the end of the show as due to the unexpected response by some CKUT listeners along with the harsh realities of racism he experienced personally and as a reporter.

Interview with The Narcycist of Euphrates

Interview with Euphrates

Date: February 19, 2005

Produced by: Stefan Christoff

CKUT host Stefan Cristoff talks with the Narcicyst – the front man of the Iraqi hip-hop Montreal band Eurphrates. The rapper elaborates on the LP, Stereotypes Incorporated. Just as the title suggests, the Narcicyst explains how the tracks attempts to break through the stereotypes the media portrays of the Iraqi people. He also reminisces on how he started his hip-hop career and the response he has received for being an Iraqi MC.