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Interview with Colin Newman of WIRE circa 1988

Vince Tinguely,  hosted the radio show “This Show is History” back in 1987-88.  And so it is.  Vince currently hosts the  Kitchen Kitchen Bang Bang Law (Tuesdays noon 2pm)



Club Soda, 29 Jun 88

Wire are Colin Newman (vocals, guitar), Graham Lewis (bass, vocals), Bruce Gilbert (guitar), and Robert Gotobed (drums).

One of the staff members of CKUT FM asked me if I was interested in interviewing Wire, and I happily accepted the opportunity to see the band for free. The interview took place in the dressing room of Club Soda, then located on Parc Avenue near Fairmont (in Montreal). The batteries for CKUT’s Marantz tape recorder had run down, so it was necessary to find an electrical outlet. Oddly enough, the only plug to be found was in one of the little make-up booths, complete with mirror surrounded by lightbulbs, that Club Soda provided for its performers. Colin Newman and I crammed ourselves into this booth, and the recording begins with sounds of me getting myself set up. Colin is making himself available while the rest of the band goes through a sound check onstage. As the interview begins, someone can be heard reciting nonsense syllables for the mic check. The noise from the sound check (drums, bass, guitar) permeats the recording throughout the thirty minute interview, until Newman has to leave to do his part.

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