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Jimmy Cliff interview July 2012

Howard “Stretch” Carr and Faithlyn Sankar interview the one and only Jimmy Cliff.  This interview took place July 28th 2012 for CKUT radio show West Indian Rhythms. They cover the inspiration behind The Harder They Come and Many Rivers to Cross, riots in Brixton, and his commitment to uplifting his audience.

Clip of the Week End of the Montreal Mirror July 2012

The Montreal Mirror was a weekly, anglo,  alternative newspaper founded in 1985. It focused on Arts & Culture, entertainment listings, and local politics.  It was bought by Quebecor in 1997 and subsequently sold in June 2012 much to the shock and dismay of its employees and numerous readers.  This clip is from interviews with Mirror writers Chris Barry and Jonathon Cummings.

The attached cover’s are CKUT alumni – Detroit Burns (the baby) and Prym Tyme, CKUT Production coordinator in the 90s.