Monthly Archives: January 2003

So THAT’s where the Rap Hour Half Hour intro comes from

Off The Hook Radio, Wednesday nights midnight to 2am, since 1997. Underpendent Hip Hop and the infamous ‘Rap Hour Half Hour’ (“we’re giving away careers!”), where strangers in the night call in and rap. “I can’t believe they can get away with saying that on the radio.” Well, us neither.  We don’t have a seven second delay – instead we have some smart mouthed hosts that steer the madness away from CRTC complaints and libel suits (knock wood).

This video was part of David Attell‘s Comedy Central Insomniac Montreal episode.  This was 2002 or 03? The notoriety of Off The Hook Radio spread to the producers of this series and they contacted the station. Off The Hook Radio’s original crew was Orion aka Revolution (in this video)  Pat Wreck,  Flow, & Budda Blaze. Flow and Budda Blaze are still flowing & blazing with some new contributors every Wed. midnight – 2am.

And the Rap Hour Half Hour intro as is:


And while we’re “giving away secrets” that line “If you don’t believe me – Come up and try and punch me” is from Wlix by the Alkaholiks circa 1995. (“It ain’t another rapper in the country that can crunch me – If you don’t believe me come up and try and punch me“). There it is – mystery SOLVED.