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Oral History in conversation with Suhrid Manchanda aka Su Real

Suhrid Manchanda was a force in Montreal’s music community before decamping to the United States and eventually to (his motherland) New Dehli, India. He was studying at McGil but ultimately spent most of his time playing guitar around the city. The mighty Detroit Metal, the unforgettable Bloody Gashes, with Chloe Lum, Yannick Desranleau and  Joel Taylor were both Suhrid’s babies.


He formed Aum Supreme with Dane Mills, the original drummer in the Arcade Fire. Suhrid booked shows, ran festivals and was generally a personality on the Boulevard. He was eventually hired as Fundraising Coordinator at CKUT in 2004. Suhrid was tireless in his devotion to the radio station’s community, the city’s musicians and DIY music in general. No one was surprised when Suhrid turned up as Su Real, dj/producer and star of India’s Desi Bass scene. Music Coordinator Alex Moskos sat down to talk about it all with his old buddy and colleague Suhrid. 


History of the Community News Department

As part of CKUT’s 30th Anniversary festivities we hosted a panel on the evolution of CKUT’s News Department.  CKUT has covered issues from street level emphasizing the voices of those not heard in mainstream media, namely those affected by the policies, regulations and political decisions.  In this panel past Community News Coordinators, Gretchen King, Aaron Lakoff and Courtney Kirkby recount the numerous ways their department covered the prevalent news items of the times.  The panel took place at the Anarchist Bookfair in Montreal.  Community News Poster

CKUT 25th Anniversary – Logic Johnson!


As you may have heard, CKUT had a pretty great party to celebrate our 25 years on air. One of the highlights was a unique rap written & performed live by Logic Johnson, host of Listen You Smell Something. It was a one-time only performance but it’s too good to not share. Check it out!


10th Anniversary Radio Promos

CKUT90.3fm radio promos for 10th Anniversary Celebration Nov 20 1997  featuring Freaky D, Sampaloo,  Zoobone Productions, House of Pride Dancers, Alexis O;Hara, Fortner Anderson, Ratchet Orchestra, SlapHappy 5, Steak 72, Bagpipes, Medieval marching band (feature Régine Chassagne) and more.  Take a listen to what our radio promos sounded like in 1997.  Produced by Prym Tyme and Louise Burns

10th anniversary collage204

One More!

Buju Banton Interviewed On Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts March 1996

Buju Banton’s fourth album Til Shiloh was a massive hit. He played the now defunct Montreal Medley in March 1996 and came by CKUT for an interview with Butcher T.  This was not the first time he performed in Montreal nor came to the station .  CKUT refused to co-present the Buju Banton the first concert back in 93? because of the song (written by Buju when he was 15) Boom Bye Bye and its homophobic lyrics.  A decision which still, to date, causes a lot of discussion.   The next time he came to CKUT (prior to a concert at the Medley in 95(?) one of our programmers, Dave Austin,  brought their class to the station so the studio was filled with enthusiastic pre-teens.  Buju came out of a car wearing roller blades and rolled into the studios – much to the shrieking delight of everyone.  This interview happening on Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts.  We left in a few ads at the end for extra flavor.


Roots Rock Reggae Circa 1994 – Keeps you awake

Here is a clip from CKUT’s radio show Roots Rock Reggae. Back in the day – before streaming and listening on the archives people used to stay up late and call in their greetings aka “shout outs”.
Roots Rock Reggae is still on the air today – same time slot, Monday morning (Sunday overnight) 1am – 4am. And they still get a lot of callers and offer relationship advice, gossip, and lots of reggae music check them out.
Here is a clip of callers giving their shout outs.
Roots Rock Reggae 1994 Keeps you awake

Roll Call – Shout Outs

Host – Fluxy & Prym Tyme alongside Johnny Black

Biga up my girl on the South Shore – Uptown – chillin’ pon da corner – Fi louse
Your voice is always kicking waking me up all the time – Mega mix master Prime Time CAN’T SLEEP Swans Scandolous
Mo Mo – CDP Possie
Respect to Road Warrior – Smokey LDG Justice coming from Big D outta da Bronx
I & I Sound Crew – The West Island Crew & DJ Rage Chirade

You can’t go to sleep !
Miss Stop Traffic herself – Shelley – Big up Virgo Crew and Black Harmony
Shout to Chris – I’m up and have serious thoughts about you –  from Wendy Ann –
LP – Love Partying Baby
Shout out to Trinni Shelly- everything kickin in from Richard
New Dehli – via satellite (huh???)
Message to Montreal crew – We Ethnic people have to stick together – too much violence out there – united we stand violent we fall
Big up all Scat Man from Skitty Rankin
Free plug – Check the out-there brothers – Club Texas
This is Cesar from Laval big up my brother John Bobby Greg Mark Big up Laval Possie