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Eola Live at CKUT – September 2010

Tonstartssbandht’s White brothers have each had their own impressive solo acts over the years. This clip features Edwin White’s first-ever live performance on CKUT as Eola. The DJ accompanying Edwin is “the other Floridian in the room,” his brother Andy. Andy also worked at CKUT while making music and studying at McGill University, and this archive captures these Florida¬†brothers working their one-of-a-kind magic on our flagship music program New Shit.¬†

  1. “Ancient Hill” (0:00)
  2. “Eola Channeling” (4:49)
  3. “Market” (9:06)
  4. “Be With” (17:54)
  5. Andy White sound collage, “Fiddlin About” (20:58)
  6. Short interview (22:35)
  7. “Untitled Hula Caress” (27:59)
  8. CHOPPERS OUT – “Welcome to Altered Streets” (31:37)