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Scarlet Road – Interview with Rachel Wotton on Avalanche

disabilities handbookScarlet-Road-SBS-screening_promo

Interview with Rachel Wotton

Date: April 24, 2013

Produced by: Avalanche

Show: Off the Hour

In this interview, sex worker and protagonist of the film Rachel Wotton speaks with the members of Avalanche (CKUT’s radio show airing Wed. 5 – 6pm)  about her documentary Scarlet Road. Wotton explains the necessity for both sex workers and people with disabilities to unite and fight for each other’s rights. She also elaborates on Touching Base – an organization she co-founded that unites people with disabilities and sex workers through workshops.

The interview is conducted by Stephan Bertrand

Clip of the Week – Sampaloo 2013

Montreal Reggae artist Sampaloo being interviewed by CKUT’s Skills Link Crew.  Sampaloo talks about coming to Montreal from  Jamaica – being an illegal immigrant and starting to get into music.  Skills Link was a programme CKUT ran with the Cote Des Neige Black Community Center empowering youth through media skills in April 2013. The radio show they hosted was called Speak Your Mind Radio.Speak Yr Mind 2