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Will Nicholls remembers the Oka Crisis & his former CKUT days JULY 2005

Date: July 19, 2005

Produced by: CKUT

Show: Native Solidarity News

In this clip, we hear audio recording from a service in remembrance of the 1990 Oka Crisis. Will Nicholls, former CKUT host of the show Indian Times, spoke during the service. He recounts his experience as host and the dark humor he used in order to survive the repercussion of the Oka Crisis. He explains the reasons for the end of the show as due to the unexpected response by some CKUT listeners along with the harsh realities of racism he experienced personally and as a reporter.

Squatting in Quebec

Homeless Radio – Squatting

Produced by: CKUT

Show: Homeless Radio

In this radio special, our CKUT host goes out to the streets to have real homeless folk tell their stories. Squatters explain how they manage to get inside of buildings and some of the problems that lead them to leave certain places. They also discuss an incident involving the former mayor of Montreal, Pierre Bourque, in 2001. The important question of squatter’s rights is also brought to the table. What do those rights (if any) look like in Quebec?

Anarchism and Social Movement – 7 Year Squat

Date: 2003

Produced by: CKUT

As part of CKUT’s special on the 5th Annual Anarchist Book Fair, many topics related to the anarchist movement were reported on. In this clip, we hear an interview of two individuals that were arrested and taken to trial for participating in the 7 Year Squat in 2002 in Ottawa. They explain the trial process and how they were managing defending themselves in court as a collective of 8 people. One of the squatters also recounts the remarkable cooperation and teamwork that came into play during the 7 Year Squat.

Interview with Joe Norton – 1991

Interview with Joseph Norton

Date: February 13, 1991

Produced by: David Blair

Show: Off the Hour

Joseph Norton, the Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council at Kahnawake, reviews the conflict of jurisdiction and policing between the federal government and the Mohawks. He explains the formation and reason for establishing the Peace Keeping Force. He concludes with what be believes the government should do in order to not give but to actually acknowledge the Mohawks’ autonomy.

Interview conducted by then  CKUT news programmer David Blair – currently David is CBC’s business reporter.


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