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Tamayugé Live on CKUT Jan 2018

Tamayugé perform live on CKUT 90.3 fm radio show Chaud Pour Le Mont Stone – Collaboration with Tamara Filyavich (electronics) and Maya Kuroki (vocals).  Show hosted by Francois Letourneau






Here are some of the live performances that happened at CKUT studios throughout the years.  Check out CKUT’s YouTube Channel for videos of some of these performances.

Nusrat Fateh, Ali Khan & Elliot Sharp – November 1989

K.A.N.T.N.A.G.A.N.O. – November 2009

Grimes – March 2010

Rebecca Foon – June 2010

Eola – September 2010

Bernardino Femminielli – June 2010

Lantern – June 2011

Nick Kuepfer – June 2011

Tonstartssbandht – September 2011

Isle of Pine – June 2012

Manchilde – June 2012

Maica Mia – June 2012

Sierra Leone Refugee All Stars – July 2012

Les Momies de Palerme – May 2013

Tamayugé Live on CKUT Jan 2018


Margo Lane – Oral History October 2017

Margo-at-the-console-croppedMargo Lane has volunteered at CKUT 90.3fm in Montreal since 1987. She was our weather girl, eco-environmental receptionist, and host of the radio show Adventures in Music. Margo is infamous. Most of us who have been part of the CKUT community have a Margo story. This is her story in her words.



30th Anniversary – In Conversation with Rickey D October 2017

In celebration of CKUT’s 30th Anniversary on the fm dial, we will be exploring our past through a series of podcasts,  time capsule posts and live events such as this first one.  Sun Oct 15th 2017 we sat down with Rickey D, host of Sound of Soul since 1988 and hip hop promoter and influencer for 32 years! Rickey was interviewed at Art Gang by Malik Shaheed – music by DJ Pro-V. Thanks to Heritage Canada and arcmtl for their help in making this happen


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