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Cocoa Tea Sings I Found My Sonia Acapella during Montreal Reggae Fest Live Broadcast

Cocoa Tea, Pat, Angel

CKUT broadcast live from the Montreal International Reggae Festival August 2015. Sunday radio show Bhum Bhum Time with hosts Sista P, & Angel They interview Cocoa Tea and request he sing I Found My Sonia for the radio audience as he was unable to fit it into his live set. This clip also includes some of the live performance.

Up Close & Personal with Lady Saw at Montreal International Reggae Festival Aug 2015


West Indian Rhythm’s Howard ‘Stretch’ Carr and Faithlyn Sankar talk to Lady Saw about infidelity, infertility and staying strong.  This was taken from the August 2015 live broadcast from the Montreal International Reggae Festival. Only CKUT can get interviews like this from renowned artists, its like they are talking to family.

Sex Garage 25th Anniversary

Josh Marquis host of the radio show QueerCorps interviews ex CKUT staff and  former host of QueerCorps and Schmoozing, Puelo Dier and photographer Linda Dawn Hammond about the infamous event known as Sex Garage  that galvanized the queer community in July 1990.

Sex Garage was a loft party put on by Nicholas Jenkins.  The event was raided by policeman who took off their badges and proceeded to arrest and beat participants.  Linda Dawn Hammond took pictures of the raid and managed to get them to the La Presse and the Montreal Gazette.  An incredible story of homophobia and fighting back .police-raid-the-sex-garage-party-in-montreal-july-15-1990