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1990’s Summary


Interview w/ The Sugarcubes


Phycuss on Stateless Society, 1990

Lights in A Fat City, Nov 1990

Joan La Barbara on Midnight Snacks

Joseph Norton, the Grand Chief of the Mohawk Council at Kahnawake, Feb 1991

Hole, May 1991

L7, May 1991

CKUT’s 4th Birthday Party Promos! Nov 1991

Lydia Lunch, May 1992

Undefining the Dog Faced Hermans May 2nd 1992

Prison Activist Claire Culhane, Nov 1992

Who Owns Art? Negativeland vs U2 Lawsuit, 1993

JALE, 1993

Ian Mackaye, Sept 1993

7 Year Bitch, April 1995

Roots Rock Reggae 1994

Ian Stephens book launch promo


Buju Banton Interviewed On Butcher T’s Noon Time Cuts March 1996

QueerCorps’ Ellen Coming Out Party, April 1997

CKUT’s 10th Anniversary Promos! Nov 1997