You’re Invited – CKUT’s 25th Anniversary Party!

Join us at La Sala Rosa on the evening of May 11th, 2013!

With so many volunteers, artists, and dedicated listeners coming out of the woodwork in response to a simple request sent out last fall (‘what’s your CKUT story?’), we at first struggled: how to celebrate such a diverse, deviant, wild, beautiful group of people and their station?

On May 11th, CKUT will be all over the spectrum. Sala Rosa will host performances ranging from the radical cacophony of the a-historic Dykes on Mykes theme song (brought to life with a veritable horde of drummers and chanters), to a special calypso prescription to break the last spring chill homage-to-CKUT. Montreal Soul’s best kept secret dance band superstars Key-Lites will round out the night, testing the limits of the old wooden floor of Sala.

Scattered throughout the evening: DJs from WeFunk, Butcher T & Venus, a short wave radio transmitter time capsule/listening booth, a photobooth station and, of course, catered birthday cake! Come early for artifacts coming in and out of the time capsule, as well as speeches from the (in)famous programmers and content-makers of CKUT’s past & present!

BE THERE. MAY 11. 2013. LA SALA ROSSA. Doors 7:30PM. $10 before 10pm/$12 after 10pm.


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