CKUT Programmer/Programming Awards

CKUT’s programmers have been getting serious props since the beginning of (CKUT) time. 


Montreal’s The Mirror began the Readers Poll in 1990 and CKUT’s been all over it ever since.  In 1990 host Big Maybelle was voted #2 Radio Personality and snagged #2 Radio Show for her amazing job on the show Harlem NocturneDykes on Mykes came in at #3 Radio Show and hip hop show The Sound Supreme Show and our beloved AACK (still on the air today) got honorable mentions.  Montrealers (thank you!) have voted CKUT #1 Radio Station every year right up until 2010-11 where we appear at #2. In 2012, Montreal brought CKUT back up to #1 though, not to worry!

Other shows sited in this readers poll are:

1991 Aack#1,  Cups & Cakes#2

1997 Subteranean Jungle, Drastic Plastic, Tiga & Gnat, Dkyes on Mykes get honorable mentions

1998 Masters at Work, Dykes on Mykes honorable mentions, Tiga & Gnat #5

1999 I Feel a Song Coming On, Grey Matters,  Subteranean Jungle, Underground Sounds – honorable mentions

2000 – Folk Roots Folk Branches #4

2002  Off The Hook #1 Folk Roots Folk Branches #3  Aack! #6

2003 Off The Hook #3 Off The Hour # 5 Cypher # 6 Folk Roots Folk Branches #7  Harvey Christ & Underground Sounds Honorable mentions

2004 Off The Hook #1, Masters At Work # 5, We Funk # 6, Venus Honorable Mention

2005 Off The Hook #1, We Funk # 6, Masters At Work # 7, Folk Roots Folk Branches # 10, Mind Soul & Spirit honorable mention

2006 Off The Hook #1, We Funk # 3, Folk Roots Folk Branches # 6, Masters At Work # 9,  Mind Soul & Spirit honorable mention

2007 Off The Hook #2 Folk Roots Folk Branches # 3 Masters at Work # 10 We Funk Honorable mention

2008  We Funk # 3, Off The hook #10

2009 We funk # 4, Off the Hook # 6 Honorable Mentions Audio Smut

2010 Audio Smut #2, Off The Hook #5, Venus #10 honorable mention We Funk

2011 Off the Hook # 6, Venus # 7



2007 – Best College Radio Show – We Funk

2007 – Hall of Fame Award – Butcher T

NCRA Standard Awards

1993 Programming Excellence: Squeaky Clean a radio art Soap Opera

1994 National Initiatives: Programming Exchange with South African Student Press Union

1995 for Programming Excellence: Wired on Words

1999 for Programming ExcellenceNative Solidarity News

2002 Programming excellence

2003 National Initiative: The Homelessness Marathon

2011 Best Special Programming: Radio Moon

2011 for Best Creative Radio Production: Radio is Dead Radio Ballet

2011 Radio Legend Award: CKUT Community News Coordinator Gretchen King


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