Who owns art? : Negativeland vs U2

Mark Hosler01

Interview with Mark Holser of Negativeland – U2 Lawsuit

Date: 1993

Produced by: B. Gill

Show: n/a

Speaking on the controversial lawsuit over Negativeland’s U2 album, member Mark Holser delves deeper in the question that arose from the lawsuit: who controls art? Although the band had used several U2 “cover” slips throughout the album, the main objection arose from the album’s cover art which Island Records claimed was deceiving fans of U2 – the band. Holser explains the magazine, Fair Use: The Story of the Letter U and the Numeral 2, which gave full transcripts, letters, and official documents concerning the lawsuit. He also exposes SST Records, the records label which they had used to release U2, and the manner in which profit is made by record companies in general.


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